Caricature art in Toronto

Toronto has a wealth of caricature talent. Bring Vibrance, Excitement and Originality to your event. Hire a Caricature Artist in Toronto and GTA.

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Caricature art in Toronto

We all know that Toronto is the best place in the world so there is no need to elaborate on the subject... right?

Well such a unique place also deserves a unique group of super talented caricature artists and cartoonists. Torontonians don't settle for average when it comes to stuff that matter and caricatures are one of the most important aspect of our lives as you may agree.

You are probably here to find out about our services and then hire one of us for your party or event or you are planning to get us to design an ad, create an illustration for your company logo, greeting card, business hand out or any of the other 992 uses that our work has. You are obviously a smart person. Congrats! So why don't you start by going through the detailed list of our services or the profiles of our artists. We are a very humble bunch so you are about to start one the best business relationships you have ever experienced. Most of us are cute as well!

We have an impressive list of clients that keep coming back. That is partially due to them being loaded financially but there must be more to it. Quality of our work, friendliness, professionalism and attention to detail to name a few.

So call us, email us or drop by. Our contact page is a click away. The top right hand link is the one you need.


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Caricaturists in Toronto and GTA

Toronto has a wealth of caricature art and home to some of Canada's top caricature and illustration talent. Torontonians have developed a serious appreciation for the art form and are among the most loyal clients. Many cultural and visual related events take place in Toronto. Digital Image Fest, a computer animation festival, started in Toronto in the 80s. As well as Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto Street Festivals, Toronto International Circus Festival and Toronto Festival of Clowns to name a few.

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