Custom Caricatures Made for You!

Need an unusual gift that is both personal and fun?
A caricature is great as a GIFT on any occasion. Your friends, colleagues, family or pets will be overjoyed! A caricature can be an EFFECTIVE MARKETING TOOL for your business and a great addition to your website. They make eye catching comical signs. Imagine the fun and delight of your guest of honor (and your guests), when a caricature, true to life, is presented for a special occasion. Whether as framable art, an invitation, a life size cut out or centerpieces, everyone will certainly enjoy these unique portrayals of your esteemed victim!

We create top notch celebrity and custom CARICATURES and CARTOON PORTRAITS from photographs. We will then ship you the original caricature. Not a print out. You may also ask for a digital copy of the artwork but nothing ever lives up to the original art, inked by the Caricature Artist.

Here is how we create custom caricatures for you

Once your order is received by us, we create a rough draft which you will be able to view and comment on. Based on your feedback we redraw and show it to you. This will continue until you are happy with the result. At this point the artwork is inked and painted and shipped to you. We ship to any destination worldwide.

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More about the art of caricature and cartooning

Books on Caricature Drawing Art:

Why our prices are in US dollars?

We are a Candian company and quite patriotic. Most of our buyers however are outside of Canada , and the US dollar is the international currency of online selling. So we regret any inconvenience it may cause and will wait for the day that accepting Canadian dollars online become less problematic. In the meantime please enjoy our top quality caricature products in US dollars.

People pay US dollars for Canadian beer so this is the same sort of thing :O)