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Toronto has a wealth of caricature talent. Bring Vibrance, Excitement and Originality to your event. Hire a Caricature Artist in Toronto and GTA.
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Caricature Artists - Toronto, Ontario

Our team of toronto caricature artists have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients since 1993

A professional caricature artist can draw amazing caricatures at your party, function, tradeshow or corporate event. Booking a caricaturist can bring a unique and entertaining touch to your event in Toronto or any other location in Ontario.

Toronto Digital Caricatures

We have been drawing digital caricatures in Toronto and GTA since 2005. Currently there are 12 digital caricature artists in our team who serve Toronto and surroundings. Our digital caricature art clients list include Coca Cola, Xerox, HBO, Bell Globe Media, Rogers, City of Markham, Ford, Tourism Ontario, Fallsview Casino and many more. While we have dozens of big name clients we still trully enjoy working at weddings, birthday parties, Bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs accross Toronto and GTA area.

A Caricaturist will add the spice and will class up your event with art that's one of a kind! Guests will remember the party you gave with the memorable keepsake art. Music and food are important but caricatures will be remembered for years to come since they were created on the spot while the jokes were taking place. Lighten up a company meeting with one of our top notch professional Caricaturists and reward your guests or clients. Having a caricature artist at a trade show gives you a huge exposure over the next booth not to mantion it will keep the visitors at your booth for much longer than they were planning to stay. Caricaturists give that extra boost to an already great event! Make your party THE ONE to be at.

Pre Printed Paper or Templates

We can design and produce these with
your logo, marketing message or personal
greetings. We print and bring them to the
event for a small fee. We draw the caricatures
on these sheets or use the template for digital
caricatures. Click here to see more.

Digital Caricatures

Excellent caricature art done on a
computerized tablet. We can print, post
them online or email them. Digital
Caricatures are a huge hit in trade shows,
corporate events as well as smaller
gatherings and weddings. Read more!

Why hire Caricature Artists?

Your next event in Toronto or the GTA can be much more fun with one of our caricature artists creating magic and giving the artwork to the guests. Caricatures make great take-home gifts for all sorts of events.

We have drawn caricatures at hundreds of events in Toronto and GTA

Some of the most common occasions we have been hired for:

Digital Caricatures in Toronto

We are the largest group of digital caricature artists in Toronto. Since 2005 we have drawn digital caricatures for several clients, HBO, XEROX, Bell Media, IBM, Microsoft, CBC, Mural, Mars bar and Kraft foods to name a few.

Hiring us to draw digital caricatures at live events is easy as cake. We bring the large display or projectors to the event so the guests can view the caricature drawings in progress. We use Wacom screen technology to create these beautiful pieces of digital caricature art. All hand drawn, printed on spot and the guests will also receive their digital caricatures electronically.

Ontario Digital Caricature Artists:

Ontario is home to a super talented team of digital caricature artists. Our group of digital caricaturists have been drawing digital caricatures in Toronto since 2005 for clients like Sony, HBO, Bell, GM, City of Toronto, Xerox, BMO, Toronto Hydro, AGO and Toronto Dominion Bank to name a few.

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Book a digital caricature artist in Toronto

Hire a seasoned Digital Caricature Artist for your special event, trade show, product launch, birthday party, sweet 16, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings and more. We are one phone call away. We have been drawing live digital caricatures since 1999. You may also hire a Toronto Digital Caricaturist by filling the contact form located on our contact page. Live digital caricatures are one of the latest great addition to this artform. Hand-painted on computerized tablet systems and personalized using special templates that we creat for your event. The digital carictures are drawn on a screen that is connected to a larger screen or a projector. They can be printed and distributed electronically.

Caricature in its traditional form is an old artform. Wikipedia defines it: caricature is about simplification and exaggeration. The word caricature can also be a representaion of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others. Caricatures can be complimentary and can be used in political situation or just pure entertainment. Caricatures are often used in editorial cartoons. Caricatures of musicians and movie stars are often found in entertainment publications.

Toronto is the busiest city in Canada and the greatest! Toronto is Canadas major hub for music, theatre, advertizing, motion picture production and television production. Toronto is home to the headquarters of Canada's major banks, national broadcast networks and media outlets. Its varied cultural institutions,[42] which include numerous museums and galleries, festivals and public events, entertainment districts, national historic sites, and sports activities, attract millions of tourists each year. Toronto is home of the CN Tower, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the headquarters of many large Canadian and multinational corporations. A rich city with a highly diversified economy and Canadas hotsopt for technology, design, financial services, life sciences, education, arts, fashion, business services, environmental innovation, food services, and tourism. You can also find several fabulous digital caricatue artists in Toronto

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