Caricatures and Illustration work by Winnipeg caricature artists

Our group of experienced caricature artists cover Winnipeg and surrounding areas in Manitoba. We bring the fun art of Caricature drawing to your event anywhere in or near Winnipeg.
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Caricatures in Winnipeg

Hire a caricature artist and send a memorable piece of art home with every guest who attended your function, trade show or party in Winnipeg

We specialize in Digital Caricature Art, Traditional Caricature Drawing at corporate events and parties as well as personal and home gatherings. Our studio caricatures make great gifts for any occasion.

We are a group of caricature artists covering Winnipeg and surrounding areas in Manitoba. Please contact us to hire an artist for your next bash. We will make it memorable. Top talent of Caricature Art in Winnipeg lives here.

Since 1993 Winnipeg Caricatures has been the trusted source of live caricature entertainment and creator of hundreds of corporate and personal studio caricatures. We regularly work for MTS AllStream, City of Winnipeg and Investors Group among many other repeat clients in Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba.

Hire one of us caricature artists and impress your guests while having a grand time laughing. This is a great form of entertainment for all age groups.

Caricature Artist, Animator

Adam is a Winnipeg caricature artist and a Sheridan College’s BAA Animation program graduate. He has done his fab work all over western Canada as well as high end production in China. Based in Winnipeg Manitoba he covers all of Manitoba as well as parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Adam has been drawing funnies in Winnipeg since 2011. A proud Winnipeg Artist, a very pleasant gentleman and he draws very well.

Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Butch is a Winnipeg based artist who has loved drawing ever since his oldest showed him how to draw a stick cowboy and horse. Butch draws crowds at Community and Corporate Events as well as Custom Caricatures. Butch is a graduate of the Advertising Art program at Red River College (majoring in Illustration) and returned years later to teach graphic design for approximately nine years. He has worked in the graphic design and illustration industry since 1975 and has caricatured professionally since 1988.

Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Greg is a Winnipeg based artist who has loved drawing ever since he was old enough to grasp a crayon and destroy his parents' furniture. He has been sketching caricatures for various special events such as corporate parties, weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs since 1989. His influences range from, Looney Tunes, the Muppets and Mad Magazine, to the likes of Robert Crumb, Brian Froud and HR Giger. Greg is a 1993 Graduate of Red River College's 'Advertising Art' program, and has worked professionally in the graphic arts industry ever since. His portfolio is decorated with an eclectic mix of print media illustrations and designs from billboards to product ID labels, and much more. It should be known that aside from Greg's outstanding ability as a caricaturist, he also has a great comedic sense of humour which helps break the ice for both artist and customer alike. Please don't let his mug shot fool you; he has even less hair in person. He covers Winnipeg Manitoba.

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