Caricaturists, Cartoonists and Illustrators covering Vancouver, Victoria - British Culombia

We produce studio illustrations and caricatures. We also draw live caricatures at events and functions as well as digital caricature on interactive displays.

Appreciate us now and avoid the rush!

Let us introduce ourselves in alphabetical order:

AFSHIN - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Animator

Afshin is a celebrated caricaturist and illustrator who has a fantastic style of line art. He has won caricature awards in China, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and Iran. The seasoned caricature artist and instructor now resides in Vancouver BC where he says he has found many faces in desparate need of being remodelled! Our senior Pacific caricature artist and illustrator is one of the busiest in the country. He complains about the noise from the whales but other than that he loves the west coast.

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CORY - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Mural Painter

Cory was an avid comic book collector early on. He then started creating his own comic strips while he developed his caricature skills. He studied fine art for over seven years and now works as a professional party caricaturist, illustrator, mural painter and cartoonist. Deep down he still thinks he is a super hero. Some people claim that they have seen him fly around Vancouver at night wearing a cape. Then again people of BC have also claimed seeing saskwatch working at the bank or the deli.

DARIUS - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Animator

This multitalented caricature artist, illustrator and animator loves to travel. He is open to work at any location except for the southernmost portion of Galápagos Islands. He studied illustration, industrial design and animation during the late twentieth century. He travels often to destinations as far as Hawaii and dubai.

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JOAN - Caricature Artist

Joan has been caricaturing in Victoria BC. She has a great style combined with a vibrant personality.

MONTE - Caricature Artist, Cartoonist, Illustrator

Monte learned how to draw caricatures in grade school (...math class, spelling class ...). This led to selling caricatures of rock stars and 'weirdos' to kids in the hall. Monte has spent most of his life drawing funny pictures for newspapers and publications or entertaining at parties and events. His 'gag' cartoons have appeared in Magazines including National Enquirer, Saturday Evening Post, Gallery, Highlights for Children. He also draws cartoons and caricatures of tourists or at wineries, festivals and convention centers performing Fast, Fun and 'Flattering' sketches. With the motto, "Have Fun�Will Travel!" he takes his 'magic' brush-pen all over BC.

NELSON - Caricature Artist, Storyboard Artist, Animator

Nelson has been working in almost every area of creative media for over four decades. Caricatures, storyboards for movies (Scary Movie 3 and 4) and TV (Men in Trees, The L word), comic books, writing, and photography. He's worked for major publications such as The New York Times, Reader's Digest, Hot Rod Magazine, Motor Trend, CARtoons, SURFtoons, Harvey Comics and Cracked! magazine. He covers Victoria, Vancouver, and Western Canada..

TED - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Ted has entertained people from all over the world. The difference in Ted’s work is that he does not “take your worst features and exaggerate them.? Rather, he emphasizes the good points. Ted captivates everyone around him as the cartoons and ideas develop right before their eyes. After attaining a college diploma in Advertising Art with a major in Graphic Design and Illustration, Ted worked in advertising for 10 years before embracing the professional cartoonist and caricaturist full time in 1986. His talents have garnered him numerous requests for his services all year-round.

GEORGE - Model, Currently Employed Elsewhere

Being caricaturists, we needed a feature rich face to practice our skills. After going through hundreds of "candid-ates" we found our man who had perfect features combined with unusual expressions. Check out his mug on the right. On top of everything he had "back bone" and the coolest accent. Around the turn of the century/millenium his brother and his dad's buddies lined him up a full time gig south of the border so we see him on rare occasions now. He even made a name for himself overseas doing his thing. We have been told however to distance ourselves from him.
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