Need a Custom Caricature?

You can order a caricature from anywhere in the world, view the preliminary sketch, request changes, add and subtract elements without leaving your chair! If your idea does not fall into one of the following categories, contact us and we will create what you have in mind. Getting a caricature done with help from a caricaturist is fun by itself. Please note that the months of June and December are extremely busy so don't wait till december 23rd to order a gift caricature for xmas. Give yourself time and order early. Use one of the links on this page to order:

Your Caricature, Your way in a few easy steps:

  1. YOU start the process by placing your order on this page. If you want to pay by cheque or other means, please contact us. Also we encourage the customers to send an email or call us at any point if you are unclear about anything: 1 800 788 6781
  2. YOU upload your images and tell us how you want us to create the image by sending additional information using the Image Upload and Description Tool
  3. WE draw a draft, upload it to this site and notify you
  4. YOU will view it online on Client Page and send us your feedback at the same time.
  5. WE redraw the caricature based on your comments. You will view it again and provide your feedback. We will repeat this until you are happy with the result
  6. WE will finish the final caricature and send you the original caricature
    (No Shipping Charges) and/or a high resolution electronic file

These are the most common types of caricatures that we draw. If your project or idea does not fall into one of these categories, please contact us and we will discuss.

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