Caricaturists, Cartoonists and Illustrators covering Canada, US, Australia and Europe

We produce studio illustrations and caricatures. We also draw live caricatures at events and functions as well as digital caricature on interactive displays.

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Let us introduce ourselves in alphabetical order:

ADAM - Caricature Artist, Animator

Adam is a Winnipeg caricature artist and a Sheridan College BAA Animation program graduate. He has done his fab work all over western Canada as well as high end production in China. Based in Winnipeg Manitoba he covers all of Manitoba as well as parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Adam has been drawing caricatures in Winnipeg since 2011. A proud Winnipeg Artist, a very pleasant gentleman and draws well.

AFSHIN - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Animator

Afshin is a celebrated caricaturist and illustrator who has a fantastic style of line art. He has won caricature awards in China, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and Iran. The seasoned caricature artist and instructor now resides in Vancouver BC where he says he has found many faces in desparate need of being remodelled! Our senior Pacific caricature artist and illustrator is one of the busiest in the country. He complains about the noise from the whales but other than that he loves the west coast.

ALMA - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Mural Painter

Alma has been cartooning and caricaturing since 1983. As well as caricatures at corporate events, illustration and murals, she illustrates on-site corporate speeches/meetings, draws political cartoons and travels around the world, sketching. She speaks Spanish, French and semi-fluent Indonesian. She is our mural queen who has done her wall magic at several Cafes, Nightclubs, Schools, Showrooms, Lobbies, Kid's Nurserys and corporate offices. All those scribles she did on walls as a child is now paying off!

ANNA - Caricature Artist, Digital Caricature Artist, Animator, Illustrator

Anna has been drawing her whole life. She has been doing caricatures, animation, illustration and mobile game development. A graduate of Sheridan animation program in now capturing and documenting moods, personalities and feelings but not in a psycholoical manner. She likes to wear a blue hat but not to hide a bald spot. She has beautiful hair.

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ARIEL - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Ariel has been drawing since he was about 3 or 4 years old. Crayons and fingerpaints eventually led to homemade comic books, portraits, murals and of course caricatures. Ariel is now a full time caricature artist covering Michigan and Southern Ontario. He is fast and fun. He has also illustrated a children's book, "The Adventures of Lovable Huggy Brown". He has worked at numerous events for several clients. Chrysler, GM, McDonald's and Pepsi to name a few.

BORIS - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Animator

Canadian from Montreal, with Czech Artistic background. A funny man who is still a boy with pencil and brush in his hand. Boris studied history and philosophy. After 1990 he moved on to make his living as a multi-disciplined artist - caricaturist, cartoonist, editorial and comic artist. He is also an illustrator, graphic and web designer. He presented a critically successful 1995 exposition of his works in The Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France . His credo of life is: "There is no cure for birth or death, save to enjoy the interval" (G. Santanya)

BRIAN M - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Toronto Illustrator and caricaturist Brian is skilled, fast, prompt and polite. A rare combo! He has been with our group sinca 2006. He has worked at numerous events drawing live party caricatures. He covers the GTA and surroundings.

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BUTCH - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Butch is a Winnipeg based artist who has loved drawing ever since his oldest brother showed him how to draw a stick cowboy and horse. Butch draws crowds at Community and Corporate Events and also creates Custom Studio Caricatures. Butch is a graduate of the Advertising Art program at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba (majoring in Illustration) returning later to teach there. He has worked in the graphic design and illustration industries since 1975 and has caricatured professionally since 2002.

CATHY - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Cathy has drawn caricatures on every continent except Africa! She has also been involved with several illustration projects, including the award winning educational CD series Zoology Zone and the children’s television show Wildfiles. She has also been a courtroom artist as well as art teacher. It might be quicker to list what she has NOT done. She covers Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc and environs. Alberta that is.

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CHARLES - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Nobody has drawn cariacatures at a higher altitude than Charles. He has done it at the top of the CN Tower which is one of the tallest structures in the world. The hight of his work however can't be measured in meters or inches. His work has sould. He is very comfortable with colors. His work has appeared in several publications in Canada and the US. He also enjoys wood carving. He covers Toronto Ontario and nearby areas.

CORY - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Mural Painter

Cory was an avid comic book collector early on. He then started creating his own comic strips while he developed his caricature skills. He studied fine art for over seven years and now works as a professional party caricaturist, illustrator, mural painter and cartoonist. Deep down he still thinks he is a super hero. Some people claim that they have seen him fly around Vancouver at night wearing a cape. Then again people of BC have also claimed seeing saskwatch working at the bank or the deli.

DANI - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Animator

Dani is an animation graduate from Seneca College. Her simple style makes it look like you've just stepped out of a cartoon. She has been doing her line art and caricature magic at Canada's Wonderland. She brings the joy of caricatures along with her vibrant smile and energy.

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DARIUS - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Animator

This multitalented caricature artist, illustrator and animator loves to travel. He is open to work at any location except for the southernmost portion of Galápagos Islands. He studied illustration, industrial design and animation during the late twentieth century. He covers Ontario, Quebec and Northern US but he travels often to destinations as far as Hawaii and dubai.

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DAVID A - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Editorial Cartoonist

David is based in Toronto. He has worked as an editorial cartoonist for several newspapers including The Globe and Mail, The National Post and The Toronto Star.

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DAVID P - Caricature Artist, Portrait Artist, Painter

David has been producing and exhibitin top notch art since 1990s. A true master in caricatures, portraits, wild life and portraits.

The adventurous native of Toronto Ontario has produced and sold art in Italy (Florence), US (Chicago) and Denmark (Copenhagen). He has a solid understanding of colour and line art.

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DEAN - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Dean is a perfectionist, is smoothe with his pen and easy to work with. He works in Calgary, Alberta distorting faces with style.

DON - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Animator

Don is a graduate of Sheridan College's renowned animation course, but his greatest passion (as far as art is concerned, anyway) has long been caricature. Caricaturing for some 27 years now, professionally for about 19, Don currently operates in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he continues to "make friends and influence people" by mercilessly distorting their faces on paper.

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GARRY - Caricature Artist, Window and Mural Painter

Garry has been a professional caricature artist, Cartoonist and window painter since 1994. His clientelle include Glenbow Museum, Calgary Stampede, SPCA, Brewster and and may others.

Garry has a distinct style of caricature. He uses several shades of colours to achieve a detailed 3D effect. Garry also does full coloured caricatures. He enjoys working at live events for children or adults. Garry also draws pet caricatures.

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GENE - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Gene was born in Detroit Michigan. With artistic and musical talents running in the family, it was not surprising that Gene was drawing before walking and talking! He received a degree in advertising design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He worked as a professional caricature artist at Six Flags Over Georgia and at Underground Atlanta where he got really good at airbrushing. He now calls Orlando Florida home where he has become extremely popular.

GERRY - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Gerry is a celebrated caricaturist and illustrator. National Post, Edmonton Journal, Alberta Venture Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Seattle Times, Buffalo News, Edmonton Sun and Pridnia Design and several other clients have used his work. He draws the comic strip "Betty" which is syndicated worldwide by United Media in New York. He has been a professional caricaturist and cartoonist since 1980.

GREG - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Winnipeg caricature artist Greg has been drawing since he was old enough to grasp a crayon and destroy his parents' furniture. He has been sketching caricatures at corporate parties, weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs since 1991. His influences: Looney Tunes, the Muppets and Mad Magazine, to the likes of Robert Crumb and Brian Froud. Greg is a Graduate of Red River College's Advertising Art program, and has worked professionally in the graphic arts industry ever since. He has done a mix of print media illustrations and designs from billboards to product ID labels. Aside from Greg's outstanding ability as a caricaturist, he also has a great comedic sense of humour which helps break the ice. Please don't let his mug shot fool you; he has even less hair in person. He covers Winnipeg Manitoba.

HECTOR - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Hector received his Fine Arts Diploma at The National School of Fine Arts, Tegucigalpa, Honduras through a Scholarship of Merit. He drew caricatures professionally in United States, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. He decided to stay in Toronto partially because there are more funny looking people per capita than any other spot on this green planet. He has swift and stunning touch when it comes to his art.

JAN - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Jan is a seasoned caricature artist. In addition to caricatures, she has drawn court room sketches which were published by major newspapers. She brings a wealth of experience in many styles of drawing plus a solid knowlwdge of colours. She achieves likeness and expression in a minute or two.

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JENNIFER - Caricature Artist

Jennifer is a self-taught Canadian caricature and portrait artist. Her line work is precise as she captures likenesses producing high quality caricatures at just 2-4 minutes per person. She is also ambidextrous and uses either hand freely while drawing. She has had a passion for art since she was young and is gladly dedicating her life in pursue of mastering the craft. She also does illustration work for various different organizations both digital and traditional caricature art. Jennifer captures the likenesses of guests at every event making a unique and beautiful work of art that your guests will keep forever in memory of your event.

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JOAN - Caricature Artist

Joan has been caricaturing in Victoria BC. She has a great style combined with a vibrant personality.

JOHN - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

John is one of those artists that we need more of. He believes art developes vibrant ways to connect with people and their inner needs and joys. "Creativity is the fire of life" he adds. Isn't he sweet? He has also developed a board game. He covers Ottawa, Kingstton Ontario and Southern Quebec. From pen and ink to markers then to board games. What is next John?

KEITH - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor

Keith, Edmonton Alberta caricature artist, is first and foremost a fantastic artist in a true sense. He draws caricatures, illustrates, sculpts and create fantastic Digital Caricatures. He is technically capable and a solid troubleshooter. His Digital Caricatures are world famous.

LAURA LYNN - Caricature Artist, Mural Painter

Laura Lynn is a caricaturist and portrait artist with many years of experience. She dresses up as a clown for younger crowds to add to the fun element. Laura Lynn primarily does Caricatures in Ottawa, Kingston and Gatineau Quebec but would travel as far as Toronto, Montreal and areas close to these in Ontario and Quebec.

LAUREL - Caricature Artist, Mural Painter, Illustrator

Laurel is a multi- talented Edmonton caricature artist and portrait painter with impressive clients list including City of Edmonton, Enbridge, Edmonton Valley Zoo and LASIK MD. She covers Edmonton, Calgary and nearby areas in Alberta.

MARC - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Marc studied Visual Arts at the Univserity of Laval. He contributed to several (mainly SF) fanzines, such as Opium, Empire, Enfin Bref, Carfax, Matricule, Bambou, Zeppelin, Exil, Zine Zag and Safarir. He self-published Gravité Zéro (from 1999) and Espace Blanc (from 2000). From 1998 to 2000, he was of the comics section of the SF magazine Solaris. He also works as a letterer and inker for other artists.

MARCO - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Animator

Marco has experience in many different art fields, from retail and studio caricatures, to animation, to fine art. Drawing was one of his first passions, and he continues to enjoy it every single day. If he's not drawing at work, he's drawing at home! He has drawn caricatures in all kinds of different settings: private house-parties, corporate events, week-long trade shows, etc. With mature skills and a very friendly personality, he takes pride in helping you to create a memorable experience for your guests.

MARK CR - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Mark is a University of Calgary Fine Arts grad with 14 years of experience under his belt. He is highly skilled with brush, pen, canvas as well as computer screen, mouse and palette. He describes the studio as an "art machine - a vast amazing device which produces fun and vibrant works for the client's ever-changing needs. Ideas, specifications, materials and paint are loaded into one side and illustrations, murals, creative signage and computer graphics come right out the other side". His giant machine is conveniently located in Calgary Alberta where he has access to affordable fuel as well as great clients.

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MICHAEL Mc - Caricature Artist, Cartoonist, Illustrator

A product of Sheridan College's Cartooning and Graphic Story program, Michael has been a professional caricature artist & cartoonist since relinquishing his amateur status in 1979. While working largely in the GTA, in recent years Michael has traveled from Huntsville to Niagara Falls, and from Guelph to Lindsay drawing caricatures at Corporate events and private parties. He's been equally comfortable drawing at events in venues including the R.O.M., Roy Thompson Hall, Massey Hall, Casa Loma, Rogers Centre, and at backyard barbecues.

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MONTE - Caricature Artist, Cartoonist, Illustrator

Monte learned how to draw caricatures in grade school (...math class, spelling class ...). This led to selling caricatures of rock stars and 'weirdos' to kids in the hall. Monte has spent most of his life drawing funny pictures for newspapers and publications or entertaining at parties and events. His 'gag' cartoons have appeared in Magazines including National Enquirer, Saturday Evening Post, Gallery, Highlights for Children. He also draws cartoons and caricatures of tourists or at wineries, festivals and convention centers performing Fast, Fun and 'Flattering' sketches. With the motto, "Have Fun—Will Travel!" he takes his 'magic' brush-pen all over BC.

NELSON - Caricature Artist, Storyboard Artist, Animator

Nelson has been working in almost every area of creative media for over four decades. Caricatures, storyboards for movies (Scary Movie 3 and 4) and TV (Men in Trees, The L word), comic books, writing, and photography. He's worked for major publications such as The New York Times, Reader's Digest, Hot Rod Magazine, Motor Trend, CARtoons, SURFtoons, Harvey Comics and Cracked! magazine. He covers Victoria, Vancouver, and Western Canada..

Niccolo - 3D and Digital Caricature Artist, Designer

This Halifax caricature artist and designer took the long way home. After a bachelor of Industrial Design and BSc in Biology, he got into our kind of stuff. Niccolo has produced visuals for Bushnell, Avon and Bell Canada. He loves bacon and hates calculus.

PACO M - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Mural Painter

Paco is a Montreal Caricature Artist but he travels to produce his beautiful work throughout Quebec and Ontario. Paco was born in Venezuela. He currently works full time as a caricature artist and mural painter. His technique is unique and his attention to detail is outstanding.

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PAUL - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Paul is a versatile artist doing both studio and live caricatures. He covers Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood and central Ontario. He has performed his work for clients such as Direct Energy, Medtronics, The City of Barrie, Napoleon Quality Fireplaces, Orillia & District Construction Association, Intrawest-Blue Mountain, Craigleith Ski Club, Givaudan, Cardinal Golf Course, Plan Group, Yves Saint Laurent and ConAgra Foods.

RANDY - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Randy is a friendly caricature artist with a very pleasant style. Whether it's an Awards Banquet, Trade Show Grand Opening or just an excuse to "par-tee", Randy's "on-the-spot" caricatures are just the attraction to make your event a memorable one for all who attend. The bonus, of course, is that your guests will have a unique, hand-crafted momento of the occasion that will last a lifetime and inspire giggles for years to come. He covers Saskatoon, regina and most of Saskatchewan.

ROBERT W - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Robert earned his BFA from York University near the end of the last millennium and has been lampooning people with line ever since. As well as entertaining the chaotic crowds at theme parks, he has worked events ranging from Weddings, Bar Mitzvah's, birthday parties as well as a variety of corporate functions.

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ROBIN B - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Robin has been caricaturing and illustrating for over 30 years. She has illustrated several books such as RED IS BEST, BIG OR LITTLE? and TO THE POOL WITH MAMA. One of the most common questions that Robin gets asked is “when did you begin to be an illustrator?” There are three possible answers to that question:
a) when she was four years old and her distracted mother plunked her down to draw pictures
b) when she was 16 and commissioned to create posters for the local field regiment
c) when she was first published, in the 1980-82 Canadian Children’s Annuals

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ROBIN O - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Mural Painter

Robin was born and raised in Kitchener Ontario. She has created illustrations for a series of children’s books, such as Aunt Scarlett’s Farm and the new and ongoing children’s alphabet series Jazlyn J. Robin’s love for drawing caricatures has also lead to illustrating commissioned pieces for a wide group of people including musician Tom Cochran, the coaches for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club, and hockey legend Walter Gretzky. She has drawwn at the Ontario Summer games, Bingeman’s Oktoberfest, corporate events, Christmas parties and fundraising events.

SAM - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist

Decorated with the Illustration medal and numerous awards this OCAD grad stands out in ways more than one: Her beautiful line work, sense for colors, her wacky hair and dazzling smile. Sam has been creating quite the buzz with her talent, enthusiasm and unique approach. Having her at your next event will be quite the experience.

TED - Caricature Artist, Digital Caricature Artist

Ted has entertained people from all over the world. The difference in Ted’s work is that he does not “take your worst features and exaggerate them.? Rather, he emphasizes the good points. Ted captivates everyone around him as the cartoons and ideas develop right before their eyes. After attaining a college diploma in Advertising Art with a major in Graphic Design and Illustration, Ted worked in advertising for 10 years before embracing the professional cartoonist and caricaturist full time in 1986. Ted’s talents have garnered him numerous requests for his services all year-round.

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TIM H - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Ted has entertained people from all over the world. The difference in Ted’s work is that

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TIM R - Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Editorial Cartoonist

This award winning artist was the Calgary Herald's full-time editorial illustrator for 17 years. Tim has contributed regularly to Readers Digest, Western Standard and many other publications worldwide. He is currently under contract with Sun Media/QMI Agency. Will draw people, animals, places or things.

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WOUTER - Caricature Artist, Illustrator

Wouter is an award winning top European caricature artist working in Rotterdam, Holland. His style, attention to detail and the quality he produces is unmatched! He uses bright colors, sharp intricate forms along with superb line quality.

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GEORGE - Model, Currently Employed Elsewhere

Being caricaturists, we needed a feature rich face to practice our skills. After going through hundreds of "candid-ates" we found our man who had perfect features combined with unusual expressions. Check out his mug on the right. On top of everything he had "back bone" and the coolest accent. Around the turn of the century/millenium his brother and his dad's buddies lined him up a full time gig south of the border so we see him on rare occasions now. He even made a name for himself overseas doing his thing. We have been told however to distance ourselves from him.
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